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For EU Moves, Our Experience is Your Value

Moving internationally could be especially testing when it comes to organizing and setting up the details. No matter whether you are leaving to make a new home or relocating your business venue overseas, the fact that you are leaving the country with all your household possessions and travelling such a large distance is usually more stressful than typical removals. You will most likely need professional removal services that have the capacity, equipment and travel expertise to transport your life-long possessions to another land. While there is more than one removals company that offers EU moves, not all have the necessary prerequisites and European removal quality of experience to ensure a safe transportation. As far as moving abroad is concerned, staff experience and top-condition vehicles are key in delivering your possessions in a timely manner and damage-free. House Removals has long traditions in the international removal and EU travel fields. Our superior service could be summarized in the following top reasons of why you should pick us for your EU move.

Experienced Drivers

The main resources that a removal company has are the people that work there. House Removals strives to deliver top removal services and we realize the need for first-class human capital to achieve our goals. When it comes to recruiting an addition to the excellent team of European move professionals, House Removals only settles for the best experts in the business. We carry out a careful selection process and have tough requirements, prior to hiring our experts. From our domestic removal workers to our international drivers, you can rest assure that only the most seasoned employees handle your property.

Removals Destinations

Any long-distance travel has country-specific particularities, such as roads, restrictions, geography, language and customs. The combination of all these conditions has a complexity that needs to be taken into consideration prior the EU removals. Thus, the removal company should have the observations and planning capability in order to ensure a smooth and problem-free trip. For many years House Removals has moved our customers to popular foreign locations and we are happy to account for superb international removals every time. We have specialized in overseas removal services and have established traveling routes to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Belgium.

Wide Selection of Removal Services

A good removals company should have a wide portfolio of removal services, so that it caters to the preferences and needs of a diverse clientele. Moving abroad is associated with a detailed organization at several stages – planning, packing, loading, transportation and unloading the boxes in your new home. The packing of boxes is especially key, as it must be done effectively to guarantee your belongings are secure and will be perfectly capable of enduring the long drive. House Removals understands that every customer may need assistance at any part of the EU removal process and offers a full-cycle service that gives you all kinds of options for your move. Every European move is tailored exactly to your requirements. As soon as you get in contact with us, we begin working with you in setting up hassle-free overseas removals. We have specialist packing, which will get your property perfectly ready to hit the road, skilled and polite movers that respond to any request you may have and unpacking aid to speed up your accommodation, once your items have reached their destination.

Customer Support

Whether you are relocating for a job, emigrating, or simply starting a new chapter at a new place, moving abroad could be complex and frustrating without guidance and an insightful approach. A successful removals service should be ready to provide any assistance the client may ask for. House Removals aims to make your EU move as stress-less as it can be, thus we have extensive foreign moving advice and removal tips to get you best prepared for this important step in your life. Facilitative checklists and other online resources will help you stay on top of things and make each necessary step you have to address prior to leaving your old house. Our call-center team is at your disposal to answer your inquires and concerns, as well as keep you constantly informed and up-to-date with the status of your possessions in transit.


Moving to a foreign country is associated with some significant expenses, as it involves long distance travel and gas charges. That is why seeking more affordable solutions for your EU removals are key in getting the most of your removal services. House Removals aims to offer a top-notch international removal at a low expenditure. You may use our online fill-in form to get an overview quote and then refer to us for more details. We will work closely with you to devise a cost-effective plan that will cover both your budget and removals requirements, while making sure every aspect of your moving experience is taken care of.