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    House Removals

    Moving can be stressful and painstaking if you are lacking the time, resources and skills for a smooth removals process. Hiring a removal...

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    Removal Company

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Moving Home? We’re Here for You!

Moving Home LondonMoving day coming up? The task of moving home can involve much more than you think. There’s the change-of-address notifications, the security deposit on your new place, the cleaning, the packing, the stress… the list goes on. If you’re worried about your upcoming home removal, worry no more. House Removals can help you take care of all the details that are adding to your stress, plus all the details that you haven’t even considered yet!

By hiring a removal company, you can rest assured that nothing will be left undone. We have years of experience in home removals, whether you are moving abroad or for EU moves. The first thing you need to consider as moving day approaches is the type of house removal you will need. All house removals are unique and different, because no two moves have the same number of items or the same set of specifics. It’s important to catalogue everything so you will have a realistic idea of the amount of packing materials and boxes you will need, but also so you can plan your time accordingly. When looking around a room, the amount of stuff is almost always deceiving! A professional assessment is really the best way to go about tackling a move. Our movers’ eyes are trained to determine the amount of work that will be needed, so you won’t be left stressed and unprepared on moving day.

Hire House RemovalsThat’s why we offer a variety of customizable home removals options, depending on the size of your move and where you are moving. We are not only known for our UK removals, but we can help if you’re moving abroad as well. There are additional things to consider when moving abroad, like customs and routes, that not just any removal company can handle. Why leave anything to chance? Our movers are not only experienced packers and movers, but they’re the best drivers around. For EU moves, UK removals or even moving abroad, we’ll ensure that your items are safe and secure from door to door.

Hire House Removals and you’ll see the difference, guaranteed!

So, now that you’ve taken care of a packing plan and hired a removal company, you’re ready to move, right? Hold on, there are just a few more things that we can help you with. Our trained professionals have all the right equipment for home removals – from packing materials to the perfect vehicle, from insurance to expertise. Why go it alone? Trying to move your things by yourself with your own vehicle will not only stress your back and your car, but your wallet, too! It could lead to costly auto repairs or last-minute purchases that will leave a dent in your wallet. By hiring a removal company ahead of time, you’ll save money and hassle. We will not only make an assessment of your moving needs prior to your moving home, but we’ll even help with the packing! Plus, our comprehensive list of services extends to before and after the move. We offer packing materials, boxes and any type of storage that you may need to make your move as hassle-free as it can be.

House Removals is More Than Just Helping Hands!

House Removals HelpingMany people underestimate the importance of having enough packing materials and boxes – and the right kinds, too. If you’re moving heavy items, you’ll need extra strong boxes, or wardrobe boxes and garment covers to ensure that your clothing is protected. Don’t try packing books in flimsy boxes; you can even order special book boxes from us. Or try a moving box kit, which includes everything you need for moving home, from packing tape to bubblewrap, from labels and stickers to markers. Organization is key when it comes to moving home. Pack items by room, and don’t try to do it all at the last minute – this can overwhelm you and lead to forgotten items and details. A few weeks before your move-out date, make a plan. That way, the removal company will be able to best carry out the removal, instead of standing around waiting for boxes to be ready. Click here for some more great tips about planning your move, so you won’t be caught off-guard when moving day arrives. If you’re downsizing or a student, it’s likely that you will need some type of storage for some of your belongings. During term breaks, students often find that it makes much more sense to use a self-storage facility for their belongings, instead of shipping everything home again, just to have to go get it when term starts up again in Autumn. But what about if you’re moving to a smaller home or flat? Will you sell your items, or do you want to hang on to your things until you can decide what to do? We have the right storage solution just for your – whether long-term, short-term or self storage, your belongings are safe with us. Just choose the option you need based on how often you will need to access your possessions, how long they will be stored for, and the type of items that you will be storing. Remember that some valuables, such as artwork and some furniture, should be stored in a climate-controlled space.

The Success is in the Results!

Removal SuccessSo moving day has arrived, and you can rest assured that you have taken care of every detail because you’ve hired House Removals. Your belongings and valuables are carefully packed in the proper boxes; your furniture is protected from inclement weather; your route is planned; your boxes are labeled for a smooth unloading. What’s left to do? That’s right, nothing! When you hire us, you can actually enjoy your moving day and revel in the excitement of arriving in your new home. It’s true, moving can be exciting and not just hard work, especially when you’ve hired a professional moving company like House Removals to do the dirty work for you. You’ll find that the safety and security of your belongings, whether in our moving vehicles or our storage spaces, is worth the investment. With House Removals, you’re getting great value – after all, peace of mind is priceless!