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Tips for a Winter Move

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Winter is a good season to schedule your house move for – it is much cheaper and there are plenty of available moving trucks and movers to hire. However, as it is winter there are some potential issues that you need to consider before you plan the move. Here are some useful tips for your upcoming winter house move.

Prepare the New Home For the Move
This can be harder if you are doing an interstate move, but taking care of this is essential. You need to ensure that the new place is ready for your moving in. The lights and heat should be working as you will need to start unpacking and arranging the home straight away. The heat and hydro installations can be turned on a few days before your arrival – this will guarantee a warm house and running warm water so you can have a shower. This is necessary for any time of the year, really, but it is even more necessary in winter when the days are colder and shorter. If there is snow on the walkway to your new home, you need to clear it before you start unloading the boxes. If you are using the movers help, any such obstacles on the way will be charged extra. If you are doing a local house move, go to the house the previous day and clear the area. If the new home is not in your area ask the real estate agent or the manager of the property to check the conditions. The parking area should be clear and there must be enough space for the moving truck.

Prepare The Old Home for the Move
Clear the snow from the sidewalks and make sure the parking lot has enough space for the truck and the movers to carry your belongings. Check the area in the morning of the moving day. The inside space of the house should be protected too – you can use plastic sheeting or cardboard for the floors, especially on the areas with high traffic. During winter moves there’s usually lots of snow, mud or water getting inside the house from everyone’s feet. Make sure you keep a shovel on hand, as well as sand and salt. Another must is to have enough hot drinks throughout the day as your house’s door will probably be open most of the time and the house will quickly get cold. Make sure you and the members of your family are dressed well and if you have little children keep them in a separate room, away from the action where they can sit and be warm.

Think of A Back-Up Plan
If there is a winter storm coming you might need to reschedule your move or move quicker. Some drivers may refuse to drive the moving truck to the new location in severe weather so make sure you discuss the options in advance. The movers might want to postpone the move, so you will need to talk to the landlord or agent for staying a few days more.

More Useful Tips
You should plan the route to your new place carefully and check weather conditions on the highway prior to the move. Your car needs to get serviced before the move so you are sure it’s ready for the journey. Don’t put too many things in the car, just the essentials and take chains with you.

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