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Things To Research And Consider Before Choosing SW16 Moving Services

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Making the right selection when it comes to choosing a moving service for your SW16 move can be the difference between a fairly smooth and straight forward relocation and a stressful one, so it is an important choice. There are a few things you can do before considering any potential moving company that will make choosing the one best suited to your move much simpler.

How far are you moving?

The distance of your move will affect what type of removal service you should choose. Are you moving within the SW16 area, or staying fairly close by, or is the move over a long distance? If you are moving locally, then you will probably want to consider smaller services, such as a man and a van. You will generally get better value for money this way, because getting to your new home will probably not take more than a few hours at most, and SW16 man and van services will only charge you by the hour, as opposed to SW16 removal companies, who charge by the day.

How much stuff do you have?

Again, the amount of things you need to move will change what kind of service will be best for your relocation. If you have a large amount of items, and expect to need more than one vehicle, packing help or storage, then a removal company may be the best option. If you do need additional services such as packing, then most companies will offer them, and you will get everything covered under one cost. On the other hand, is you have a van’s worth or less of items, a man with a van may be preferable, depending on the distance of your relocation.

Personal or professional?

While all man and van and removal companies will offer a professional service, smaller local SW16 movers and man and van services may offer a much more personalised service than a big national removal company. Depending on your moving needs, you might feel more comfortable with a more personalised service, especially if you have valuables that you want to keep an eye on during your move. Smaller companies and man and van services will often be able to better listen to any specific requirements you might have, and their flexibility means they can be handy to have on hand regardless of the size of your move.

Researching and choosing a your SW16 movers

Once you have a clear idea of your moving requirements, you can start looking into potential moving companies. The obvious places to check is online and in the local telephone directory, but if you’re planning on hiring a man and van or smaller local company, it can be a good idea to ask around friends or family that are local to SW16, and ask them if they have any recommendations. Often, smaller companies will fly under the radar, and get most of their business via word of mouth, so this can be a great way to find a reliable and trustworthy local company. Once you have a few companies you think are suitable, call around and get some estimates. It can also be worthwhile, for peace of mind, making sure that any companies you contact are registered with the British Association of Removers, which ensures they are reliable and trustworthy, and won’t try to scam you with unrealistically cheap estimates to secure your business.

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