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The guide for motivating kids during a home removal

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When doing a home removal that involves the whole family, it is good to have some way of efficiently dealing out the tasks that need to be done. Without everyone involved a whole home removal can take more time than it should and it may lead to missing the deadline likely set. Kids almost never like to do chores, so approaching them delicately while handing out tasks is something that should be done. Another thing about kids is that they almost never like to move, especially if they have all their friends in the location that they are moving from, so getting them motivated to help can be difficult. There are some things that can be done though to get the whole family ready to help out.

Being kids are the most difficult to motivate for a home removal, let’s focus on them.
As mentioned before to children or teens, making a home removal seems like a huge change in their life, possibly the end of the world, leaving all their friends behind, changing schools and finding new places to hang out as they adjust to the new scenery or neighborhood.

The first step to getting them to help out with a removal is getting them to accept that it will happen. This takes time, so letting kids know in advance will help a bunch. If children know they will eventually be moving they will have ample time to prepare let their friends know and get their things ready for the move.

Just letting them know in advance is not enough though. Letting them get intimately involved in the move before it gets close to the day will help them to feel comfortable with the move. A good way to do this is to bring them on trips to the new home and let them pick their room, maybe even a color to paint it or see if they would like to add a shelf somewhere. Giving them an opportunity to make their new place feel like it is theirs will give them that much reason to want to be there. Like having added benefits they didn’t have in the last place.

Motivating kids is something that cannot be overlooked if they will be expected to participate in the removal by packing, loading and unpacking. After a kid is well motivated and ready for the move getting them to help out is a breeze. If they have their freshly painted room waiting for them when they get there, which they even get to arrange themselves, they may be more anxious to get there more than their parents.

It is always a good idea to let kids pack up their own rooms because they will know what boxes contain what and will blame it on their parents if something turns up missing. Giving them the responsibility of their own belongings also helps to build character for the future. Some other tasks kids commonly handle is packing comforters, sheets, and curtains, cloth items in general. These types of items require the least amount of special care when packing.

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