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The Cost of House Removals

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The cost of house removals is often the thing that makes us really quake in our boots as the topic is brought up, and it really can be the factor that makes many want to avoid moving at all in the first place! There are so many different variables that can affect the cost of house removals, that you may be lost as to how to work it out, so we are on hand to make sure that you are confident that you know how much your move will cost you, and how to make it cheaper if you need to.

The first factor to consider when you are trying to determine the cost of moving your house, is size. The amount that you need to get moved will usually be the main factor in how much your move costs, as it dictates the time spent, amount of materials used, men needed and the type of vehicle that has to be used. Getting a good idea of how much stuff you have is usually done by room, and a removal company can often come round and give you an idea of how many items or boxes worth you need to move, as sometimes it is hard to get our heads round, if not experienced in the matter. If you would like to avoid getting a valuation done, then the best way to imagine it is to work out the volume of a truck or van sized room in your home, and compare it to the actual size of a truck or van. Once you can directly relate a room in the house to a type of vehicle, then you can either visualise how many items you would be able to fit in to that room, or even attempt to get as much stuff in there as possible, and use this measurement as your yard stick. Knowing this figure will let you decide on the service that you need from your removals company.

If you do not have that much stuff, then you can always hire a man and van, which will be considerably cheaper, and perfect for one or two bedroom flats. With this service however, you need to watch out for items that are too large to fit in, as then you will have to make multiple trips and things can get expensive. Also be wary of travelling during rush hour, as this will drive up your costs per hour for zero results, other than making you more and more frustrated.

The other factor to keep in mind, that will affect your costs, is distance. If you are moving a long way, then the move will take longer, as well as requiring more fuel for the journey, so be aware that longer moves will be a lot more expensive. Some moves will even involve an overnight stay because they are so long. If this is the case then you may have to stump up the costs for hotels and the like for your removals team, and this can get ridiculously expensive. If a move is this long, then you will have to watch out for charges incurred because of how long it takes for the removal company to get back to their base.

Once you know what it is that will be driving up the costs of your move, you can make moves to reduce their impacts, like deciding to do away with a removal company, and enlisting friends to help out instead. You may even be able to do a move over a longer period by using multiple trips in your car rather than one larger move with a truck.

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