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Storage Solutions when Moving House

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Space lost
Unless you’ve got minimalism cracked and you’re an expert at de-clutter and Feng Shui, you probably have a lot of stuff in your home that needs storing away for better use or a rainy day. Classic examples of bits and pieces that need storing for future use are summer or winter clothes, jackets, shoes, camping essentials and Christmas decorations; the list goes on and on. To be a minimalist expert, you don’t need to be an interior designer; you just need to learn how to store and the best ways to do so.

• The wardrobe
Clothing and shoes can be stored through airtight flat boxes. Packing away your winter clothes will probably use up a lot more space than packing away summer clothes which. Shoes are perfect for fitting in flatter containers as you can play around with them and make them fit like a puzzle. Rolling up T-shirts and folding jumpers will increase space for packing.

• Entertainment
Books and DVDS are better off displayed. Unless you’re someone who would rather keep them hidden, as you’re very unlikely to use them, a nice wooden cabinet or shelving unit is great for entertainment purposes. You can get cheap chrome DVD racks in different shapes and sizes, not to mention every sized bookshelf you can imagine. The same applies to video games and CDs.

• Kitchen essentials
Pack up your kitchen using a category process. For instance, you can group your belongings up to save space and make things easier to find when you need to use them. Tins, jars, packets and sachets can go in one cupboard. And bowels and plates can be put together in one drawer. It may be a case of getting rid of what you no longer use to make more space but you shouldn’t need more than one drawer or cupboard for a set of cutlery.

• Toys and games
Big, colourful, plastic boxes are great for toys and games. Throw all those toys in one place and keep them hidden under a table or in the corner of your lounge. Then when it comes to the little one’s playtime, you can bring the box out, then quickly pack it up once they have finished – simple! You might prefer to keep board games and piled and stacked neatly in a cupboard for ease of use. It’s completely up to you and dependent on your house layout.

• Toiletries and make-up
Easy-to-assemble portable drawers with wheels are great for bathroom toiletries and even kitchen cleaners. They can be kept in see-through plastic drawers, in one single unit. Keep anything chemical based or with a caution in well-hidden drawers away from children. And pack away medicines in cupboards and drawers rather than on display. For women, you may choose to display make-up and beauty essentials. You can stack up wicker boxes, available cheap countrywide, and display your lipsticks and so fourth to make getting ready a lot easier.

• Bits and bobs
Brick, brack and miscellaneous are better suited for drawers. The ‘man drawer’ and the tupperware drawer; we all have those throw-it-in drawers for ease of use. Child lock any knife drawers or medicine drawers for peace at mind. And a stationary drawer is always perfect for elastic bands, staples and envelopes.

Space found
With lots of new space to play around with, make sure you make the most out of corners and under-cabinet room. You can therefore put portable drawers and boxes in certain places to keep them packed away yet assessable to get to.

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