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Piano Movers for Your Battersea Home Removal

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If music is your passion, you may want to furnish your living room with a piano, or install a proper music room in your house to make sure your passion is at the tips of your fingers at all times, of course, as with everything, there is a lot of difficulty in moving your beloved instrument around should you be moving house, or even when purchasing a new one! if you’re looking for piano movers for Battersea, or anywhere really, there are a great many things that can go wrong and render your piano damaged, tuneless and therefore useless and expensive to repair.

When you’re moving a piano into a new home, consider where it is going very carefully. it is unlikely that you will be moving the object yourself, but be aware that the more effort that gets put into moving a piano, the more likely it is that an accident could happen and your instrument could get badly damaged. Most parts of the house can be easily traversed, flat floors and carpets are easy, as the movers can use wheeled platforms or slide the piano on mats or rugs. The really tricky parts of the house are tight corners and door ways, and above all, stairs. If your piano is big and your house is small then get the measurements for the instrument and double check the route through your house to it’s final resting place. You may be in for a nasty surprise otherwise, there are stories of homeowners having to remove windows and hire cranes in order to get large heavy items of furniture like a piano into an upstairs room. Once you are completely sure that the piano will go through all the doors and around the corners, consider the stairs. If your stairs are straight and wide and have a decent amount of head room above them, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem. If, however, your stairs turn or curve, or have a particularly low ceiling, then you must at all costs measure and make sure that there is room for both the piano and the movers to be free to get the lumpy thing up there! Even when you’re completely positive that the object its self will fit, let the movers know how far the piano needs moving, and what your stairs are like, so that they can bring enough man power and equipment to do the job safely.

When your strategy for moving the piano is sorted, make sure that the path way is clear of any thing that could form an obstruction. Rugs and loose carpets can be a huge problem, as they can snag wheels or trip up a mover, and cause calamity! Be sure that all of the walls by which the piano will pass have been stripped of paintings, or anything that could be knocked off, and clear any floor standing ornaments, like coat stands and vases. Aside from causing damage to your property and belongings, a falling picture of a toppled vase could distract or panic one of your piano movers, and cause him to drop his precious cargo, damaging the instrument, your floor, or even himself!

Despite all of the precautions that you have read above, and no doubt will take, it is still completely essential that you use a registered and well known piano moving company. More so than any other company, piano movers will understand the back breaking work involved, and how to go about it safely and responsibly. They will also be fully insured in order to move such expensive items. Do not attempt to move your piano by yourself.

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