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Packing Your House Can Take Time

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Packing for a removal can take up a lot of item and effort. Plenty of people tend to dread this part of moving as it seems to take forever and can be very stressful. But through careful forward-planning and simple methods, packing can be a lot easier than you might think.

First things first, you’ll need to work out how much time you have and whether your budget covers a professional packing service. If it doesn’t you’ll need to pack up yourself. But packing doesn’t have to mean stress. As long as you leave enough time to do so, you’ll find it a lot easier and even fun!

The key to packing is to set aside enough time and at least a whole weekend or a few days off work to do so. Make sure you have enough packing materials such as boxes, bags, labels, and of course music and refreshments to keep you going. It will take time but you’ll find having regular breaks and persuading friends and family to help you will make the time pass a lot quicker.

Pack each room in turn. If you try and pack your house or flat up in one go this will take forever. By creating a list of what you have and what there is to pack you can follow it and tick off as you go along – and this will help you to keep on track of your packing.

As you pack, try and have a clear out. Dec-clutter rooms by throwing away and donating anything you are no longer using or likely to use. But remember to double check with someone else (especially children!) before you throw something away! Donate clothing and books etc to local charity shops or hole a car boot sale in advance of your move. There are lots of ideas for selling and donating so have a look online and see what sort of thing will suit you and your goods.

Pack similar items and group them together such as kitchenware, clothes and books. You can them label each box or bag and this will help you to unpack much more efficiently. Pad and cushion valuables and avoid packing them in containers that are likely to break. Plastic crates for wrapped-up ornaments are perfect and you can get hold of these at local supermarket chains. Keep your eye out in advance and gather as many boxes and crates as you can – having more than you need is always better than not enough, and you can always re-donate.

Keep all the packed-up boxes and bags together and organised room by room so when the day of removal comes, your packing process will make sense to you and you’ll know what is what and where it is.

Overall, as time-consuming packing is, it needn’t take forever if you follow the previous guidelines. By taking each room in turn and having a clear out as you go along, you’ll find the whole process a lot quicker and easier in the long run. Try to avoid packing everything at once and take your time – this won’t be a one-day job (unless you don’t have much stuff and live in a very small flat!) So take time into consideration and set aside at least a weekend to get the job done.

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