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Moving with Your Fish Tank

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Moving with a pet like a rabbit, dog, cat or guinea pig isn’t always easy but at least it is just a few individuals whose stuff can be put into a box just like yours and carried along in the car. Most land living creatures are rather easy to move. It can be stressful but if you just take it easy and plan everything in beforehand it should not be a problem, all though, if you have a ten gallon fish tank with a half dozen little neon tetras in it you are looking at some more work to do. Firstly, if you are not super careful you will probably end up losing some of your little friends so consider selling these ones and then get new ones once you are settled in your new house, or not at all. Your local pet store might take them on and will save you and the fish time and stress.

If you really want to bring them, the first thing you should think about is that small creatures are more sensitive in stressful moments so you should treat your little fish with extra care.

Also, you should never consider moving the fish in their tank. First you should remove all the decorations in the tank a while before you move the fish, since the process will cause the water to get muddy and the fish will be harder to catch. Right before you catch your fish, take as much water as you can so that it’s clean and fresh for when you’re going to put it back into the tank.

After the fish are out and in a holding container with the water from the aquarium in it you should drain the tank and save all the water that you can since a change of water and its bacteria will hurt the fish. The plants will do fine for a few hours without the water, just keep the roots wet. Rocks and other things can be put in one box and pump, cleaning system and such can be kept in another.

The tank should be the last thing you bring and the first thing that you set up in the house so that the time in the holders will be as short as possible for the fish.

If your new house is reachable by a short car drive you should be able to freight them yourself by using half-filled sealed bags with half water, half air or oxygen or use a bucket for each fish for longer journeys. These bags should be put in a secure, padded holder or box and be set in the driver’s seat rather than in the trunk.

You really shouldn’t feed the fish 24 hours before the move since their soil can degrade the water quality, do not feed them during the trip wither. Just let them be they are stressed as it is.

By keeping the temperature while riding by car you should provide the fish with an air pump and air stone. As soon as you have arrived to your new house, make sure that the tank is in place and the water in the buckets have been put back and the plants and filters are put into place.
Remember that this is a stressful time for your fish so to do things as careful as you can and do your research is super important. Good luck.

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