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Man with a Van – Be Safe not Sorry

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Man with a Van is a simple phrase which should explain a simple situation. You’re moving house and need a man with a van. He puts your belongings in a van and delivers them safely to your new address. You pay him for the service and everyone goes away happy. What could be easier? Yet, so often in reality, it doesn’t quite turn out like that.

It may be that when said man turns up at your door, you find he has limited, if any, experience in moving. Or that he’s barely capable of moving himself let alone a household of belongings. Or that the price you end up paying is a lot more than the price you’ve been quoted. That’s if you want most of your belongings back in an unscratched, unbroken state. If only it was as easy as getting a Man with a Van.

However, there are ways to minimise the chance of unexpected problems happening, for instance:
Never take an advert at face value. Whether it’s on the internet, in the local paper or a shop window, the difference between what someone promises and what they deliver may be miles apart. Which means at the end of the day, you could find yourself up a creek without a paddle. Probably because it’s been delivered to the wrong address.

So from the very first, be prepared to do some research. If you see an advert for a certain company, do a Google search on the business’s name or address. Search for their phone number or indeed their email address if they have one. If a certain individual has been dishonest in the past, it’s also possible he will be working under a different name but other details about them may stay the same. Don’t be afraid to play detective. You may be surprised by what you find.

It may not be as dramatic as finding that the business has been the star turn on BBC’s Watchdog but even if someone has posted a negative tweet or Facebook message about a certain business, you should still be able to find it. All of which is useful in helping you find a trustworthy removal company.

Once you feel you have found a potentially good removal company, then before phoning, write down a list of questions you want to ask. Imagine every conceivable, unwanted situation you could find yourself in. And ask questions, questions, questions, such as what experience he has, how many people he employs and most important of all, make sure there are absolutely no ‘hidden extras’ – that what you’re quoted is what you pay. Be polite but very firm. If you show any sign of weakness, unfortunately some businesses out there will try to take advantage.

Similarly, don’t expect any less quality of service because it’s simply a ‘Man and a Van’. What Man with a Van means nowadays is very different from what it meant a few years ago. Many businesses now quite rightly pride themselves on giving a professional, top quality service. They have to. And they also know word of mouth is the best advertising they can have, that you are potentially the best or worst advertising they could have. As such, they should welcome and be able to answer all questions. And by asking questions yourself and doing some initial research, it will not only help to make your removal experience as painless as possible, but as pleasant as possible. Put simply, when moving house, it’s better to be safe than sorry right from the very start.

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