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Make your Edgware Family Move a Comfortable One

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West London has many delights; considered the most envied position in the capital, moving to any of the western boroughs is a dream for many families and homeowners who desire a slice of the good life. If you’re one of those people who has made the dream come true, make your Edgware Family move a comfortable one with our easy to follow steps.

Allocate the whole family jobs to do throughout the process. This is especially important for children; give them a minutes rest and they will be pestering you that they’re bored in a flash. Giving the whole family a responsibility, no matter how great or small, will instill a sense of urgency in getting the move done smoothly, as well as helping to take the pressure off of Mum and Dad! Getting your kids to pack up their own belongings, or checking that the boxes are correctly labeled will keep them occupied for a while, and will also tick things off of your check list. While the children are helping out, reward them with snacks and drinks that will keep them energized, as well as acting as a treat to keep them on your side, because you don’t need a tantrum or and argument on the big day! An alternative option is to have a family member or baby sitter look after younger children who need a lot of attention, as you will likely be extremely distracted throughout your days move, and even before and after. When you arrive at the new place, be sure to install a distraction for your children immediately; whether it’s a games console or the challenge of unpacking and decorating their new room, any distraction will be a blissful relief in your mind!

If you’re moving a particularly large distance, it may be a good plan to break the journey up by leaving earlier than the van. Have an estate agent or middle man lock the house up when everything is packed onto the truck, while you whizz towards a pleasant evening at a hotel that falls midway between the two properties. You can then meet the movers at the new property the next day feeling refreshed and ready to face the second leg of the arduous challenge. This is a good tip for families with small children and elderly relatives living with them, as such family members will be less capable of dealing with a long drive across the country, and breaking it up a little can do a world of good. If you’re keen to keep an eye on the removal, then Mum or Dad can drive off early with the kids and even the grandparents, while the other half and perhaps a couple of older children stay at the house, help with the move and follow the van up to the new property. There are many ways in which to alternate the delegations of responsibility, all of which can be utilized to keep the whole family happy.

If you can afford it, then perhaps the best way of making your move a comfortable one is to get someone else to do it for you! There are companies who will organize and overlook the move from start to finish so that you can remain entirely stress free for the whole process. This may be the idea of absolute hell for you however, as letting an outsider organize the movements of your precious belongings could go disastrously wrong, and things may be a nightmare to reorganize should there be problems. It’s all for you to decide!

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