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How to Tackle an E14 Office Removal

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Moving office can be a very difficult time for your business if the right measures aren’t taken to ensure you have a smooth relocation and can operate with business as usual throughout most of the process. There are a few key steps that can help keep any detrimental effects on your business to a minimum, and avoid excessive moving costs.

Take time choosing your location

Regardless of where you plan to relocate, whether in the E14 area or further a field, making sure you are thorough about choosing your new office space can make sure you don’t get stung with unexpected problems or charges once relocated. Some important things to check when viewing any potential property are: What are the building charges, and are there additional service costs you need to be aware of? Is the space big enough, should you need to expand in the future? Does the new space fit with your business image? This can be a time consuming process, and while you shouldn’t jump at the first half decent space you find, try not to draw it out too long either, as this can make the whole process drag on and may cause problems for your business.

Get employees involved and set up teams

One advantage of moving office, is that responsibility can be shared among employees, lightening the load on everyone. Make your employees aware of any moving plans as soon as possible, and set up teams to deal with various aspects of planning and logistics. Although you should never ask employees to do any lifting or moving themselves, you can give them responsibility for their own workspaces, and team leaders can be responsible for making sure their relevant teams are prepared for the move.

Making use of storage

If you have any non-essential equipment or documentation that is taking up space and could potentially make the rest of packing up the office troublesome, then hiring a small storage space until you’re relocated can often be a good solution. You can also use to it hold any sensitive documents you might have if they need to be transferred to your new premises by members of staff. You should also begin shredding any other sensitive information that will not be needed during the move.

Professional E14 office movers

There will be a number of professional removal services E14, so make sure you spend time doing research into each company and whether they offer the services you require. Having professional movers pack your office is often advisable, especially in the case of computer equipment and servers, as they will be trained to handle these kinds of items. You can also often get a no obligation pre move survey, which can be very useful for determining your moving requirements. It can often be beneficial to ask around your colleagues or other businesses in the E14 area for their opinion on the best local office movers, as a good testimonial from someone you trust normally means you will be in safe hands. Finally, don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest option. While you may appear to save money in the short term, you may not be getting the best or most professional service, which could result in lost documents or damaged office equipment. The very best services often cost a little but more, but can be worth the extra expense if they can get your business relocated fast and efficiently, with minimum impact to working hours.

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