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How to Find the Most Suitable Gifts for New and Unfamiliar Neighbours

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You are living in a quiet suburban area, where you have had nearly the same daily routine for a long time. So when one day a new family moves in, it is natural for you to be excited, want to make a good impression and most importantly, want them to like you. Because in small living areas, it’s important for the people to know and get along with each other. You may start wondering what would be the most appropriate present for your new neighbours.

If you are faced with a young family – like newlyweds, for example – you’d better get acquainted with some modern technologies. A hi-tech gadget would be very well accepted. Of course, they can be a bit expensive, so this choice is not for everyone. A good back-up plan is a music CD – a compilation would be the best. A good new movie is also an option, yet it is more difficult to guess what your new neighbours would like. A book is not a good choice either, for not everyone likes to read. The best choice would be if you could find some interesting and amusing stuff at a reasonable price.

If your new neighbours are a middle-aged family with one or more children (and probably a pet) a useful appliance would be appropriate. However, this might also be more expensive than most people could afford. So the easiest option is to stick to the useful stuff. Unlike the young couples, a middle-aged family is keener on dealing with the everyday routine, so it would be best to give them something that would be of service to them. Some practical gadget for the household would be perfect. A flowerpot or another house decoration is also a good decision, because it is simple and will be well accepted.

We should not forget to consider one more possibility – an older family. Again probably the best welcoming present for them is some useful gadget – a small kitchen appliance or gift or something for everyday use, something small but really meaningful. A potted plant is again a good choice when you don’t know what else to buy. You don’t have to worry too much about tast in this instance, since it is really the gesture that matters when giving a housewarming gift.

I realize that all the above examples may seem a bit too much for a simple welcoming present, yet I should give you all the possible options, and it’s up to you what you will chose to give. The best and most unpretentious gift is a simple meal. It could be something you’ve cooked yourself (a tasty cake or a delicious roast, for example) or it could be even bought (you should be sure that it is really tasty and nicely wrapped if you are giving something store-bought).

I, myself, prefer this option, for it’s so hard for me to guess the tastes of people I don’t even know. So, food is always a good decision –people like delicious food (homemade or bought).

Once you have plunged into the search of the perfect welcoming gift, however, you should not forget the essence of this meeting – to show your willingness to get to know these people, as well as to become friends. So, forget your worries if your gift will be appreciated and liked or not and go there with your simple smile and your best intentions. Because what matters eventually is the friendship and helpful gestures between neighbours, not the material things we exchange.

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