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How to Estimate the Self-Storage Space That I Need

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Are you about to implement house removals from a small apartment to a spacious living place? Are you planning to do an overhaul of your house? Or you urgently need to release your apartment but that dream house of yours will be available no earlier than the following month?
In such moments we all need the precious help of self-storage companies which provide space to store our belongings.
Fortunately today we have a choice of storage sites and we are able to make comparisons between different offers. We can rate proximity, additional services provided such as packing and boxes transportation and, of course, price.
The initial step in choosing a self-storage space is to consider the location of the self-storage facilities. You should also be familiar with the size of the storage room and the options for transportation. At this stage you are inevitably facing a problem with estimating your precise needs in terms of storage space.
Even if you are very good at math it is difficult to imagine all the furniture and dozens of objects from your everyday life gathered compactly together. How do you know how much space they will take and how they should be arranged so as not to damage anything and to be convenient for further conveying and unpacking?
Probably the first thing that may cross your mind is to immediately start packing and thus to estimate the required storage space. However, there is much easier and more clever solution to your problem. You find out about the options offered by the storage companies themselves.
In a similar way all of them describe the size of their storage rooms compared to a well-known common spaces such as walk-in closet, small bedroom, large bedroom, one car garage, very large deep garage, RV storage, etc.
Another option to determine the space needed is to estimate the size of your property. If you know that you want to move the content from two bedrooms, for example, you can find the calculated space needed based on the amount of your furniture. Lightly or heavily furnished rooms have different self-storage sizes that are suggested. This could be a good indication of your needs but the individual requirements could always vary.
If this is not a sufficient guide for you then you can take advantage of the variety of developed tools for estimating volumes. They could be names “Self-storage Space Estimator” or “Calculator” or any other application designed for this purpose. Most companies allow you to select items that you want to store by simply clicking on an image or a check-box or entering numbers of items. The items are sorted according to the type of your room and you can easily move from kitchen and dining items to outdoor and garage items. If you cannot find a description or picture of your item then you can always select another one with similar shape and size. When you finish your selection simply press the “Calculate” button and you will have the required space for storage.
The most accurate option, however, remains personal contact with the company’s consultants. Besides determining the required storage space the assistant can advise you on different packaging techniques, materials and methods of storage. Keep in mind that the manner of arrangement is also quite important. Some of the objects should be stored independently; others could be gathered without danger of any damage. Do not forget to ensure an isle in your storage space in order to have access to all of your stored items. Last but not least, you must provide a van to transport all your things.
When you finally make your decision just reserve the self-storage space right away in order to make sure that home removals are performed according to plan!

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