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House Moving Checklist

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Unless, you want to move house leaving a trail of unfortunate bureaucratic failings in your wake, such as not telling the council you are moving, you certainly need to follow a good quality checklist! You need to start thinking about things around two months before the moving date. Deciding on the new property and the date you will move is the first step. Assuming you have got all of that sorted out, here’s what to do next:

1. Get rid of everything you aren’t going to be taking with you! While it’s hard to stop hanging on to some items, it’s time to realise that you probably don’t want that arcade machine in your new house. Arrange for things to be sold, put in self storage or just thrown away.

2. Organise your possessions – whatever is left of them. Draw up a list of things you own, and on that list figure out a way to divide them up into what is needed now and what won’t be needed until you get to the new place. Have a run through that list to see if something won’t ever be needed again. If that’s the case, get rid of it – travelling light is especially important since the quote from the removal company will be based on the amount of things you have.

3. Find yourself a reputable moving company which offers all of the moving services you need. Check online for reviews and call round for different quotes. Don’t give up until you’ve found the lowest. Ask favoured companies to match the quotes given by others. Ask for discounts and do all you can to get the best price.

4. Arrange a cleaning service to take care of both the old and new places so they are fit for you and the new owners of your old home. If any work needs doing to the new place, go and check what exactly needs sorting out and call in the right companies.

5. Notify companies, friends and relatives that you are going to be moving house and what your new address will be.

6. Remember to defrost the freezer whilst simultaneously organising what it is you are going to be eating during this time period. Eat up the frozen goods well in advance so you don’t end up being wasteful. Food is a tricky one when moving because you won’t have fridges and etc. instantly. Make sure you have non-perishable goods readily available.

7. Prepare a bag of essential moving equipment. Anything you need to get you through the experience of uprooting your life entirely! Tea, coffee, ready-to-eat food.

8. Systematically decide how you are going to pack. If you need the help of a packing service, it’s possible that your movers who will take care of the relocation will be able to send someone round to help you out with that. Do it systematically and label boxes properly. Otherwise, you’ll have an absolute ordeal on your hands at the new house.

9. Notify all of the billing companies and the local council of your move quite in advance. This way you won’t have 6 months of unpaid council tax bills complete with warnings turning up out of the blue when they finally discover your new address!

10. Have a quick whip round the house to make sure that nothing is missing. Have a look under the bed, in the sofa cushions, everywhere things are always lost but no one ever thinks to look.

11. Record all the meter readings before you go. Keep them in a safe place so they aren’t lost. Companies will need this information at some point soon.

12. Arrive at the new place. First port of call, getting a coffee brewing. Thank the movers and see them out the gates.

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