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Home Removals Pimlico – 7 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Relocating to a new home often leaves us with a lot on our plate, whether it’s the packing or sorting out removal companies, or preparing the kids for the move to come, the amount of things you have to do can often get overwhelming. It’s all too easy to lose track of what needs to be done and start overlooking things that could make your move very stressful when it comes to moving into your new Pimlico home on moving day. Below are 7 mistakes that are commonly made, so you will know what to avoid during your move.

1: Lack of planning
The key to a streamlined move is making sure you plan and organise as much as you can, as far in advance as possible. If you don’t do this, you risk lots of last minute chaos which can lead to a very stressful move, lost and broken items, and moving costs which could easily get out of control as a result.

2: Not setting a budget
If you don’t set yourself some sort of financial cut off, even a very rough one, you run the risk of overspending on your move, which could cause real problems later on for you financially. It’s very easy to spend more than you realised if you are not keeping an eye on your moving budget, as removal services SW1 can quickly add up, especially if you are making use of additional services such as local Pimlico storage or packing.

3: Not setting a schedule
Once you have set a moving date for your Pimlico relocation, it is very important to set yourself a moving schedule. The schedule should include a packing plan, and a number of tasks that you can complete daily or weekly leading up to your move. Failing to so this often leads to last minute rush, which can cause a lot of stress and problems for your move.

4: Not researching removal companies
There will be a lot of removal companies, storage facilities and man in van operators in the Pimlico area, so making sure you spend a bit of time to choose the one that you feel is not only the best value for money but also best suited to your moving needs is very important for not only giving you peace of mind but reducing the stress of moving day and making sure your move goes smoothly. A common mistake is leaving this to the last minute, where you could be at risk of getting scammed or simply choosing a bad removal company.

5: Not packing properly
Not taking care when packing your items can often lead to things getting lost, or worse still, broken. This can end up costing you money in the case of more delicate items, and as a result can leave you out of pocket after your move, which is the last thing you want. Taking the time to pack properly can avoid these potential problems.

6: Trying to rush your move
Sometimes a move will take time, and it is better to accept this and move over a few days if necessary, as opposed to trying to rush your move. Rushing can lead to oversights, injury, and damage to your items ad a lot of stress!

7: Trying to do everything yourself
Moving home is a big job, ad trying to do everything yourself will leave you stressed and burnt out, so make sure you have some help, even if from friends or family if you are trying to save money on removal services Pimlico.

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