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Handy Tips For Your Relocation To E1

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The London area with postcode E1 is the area of Whitechapel, Aldgate, Shoreditch, Bishopsgate, Shadwell, Spitalfields, Mile End, Stepney, Brick Lane and Portsoken. It’s a vast area in Eastern London, moving to which will require proper organization and planning.

There are many people who would tell you that a house move is just about the toughest period in a person’s life, but this shouldn’t worry you too much. Relocating is also exciting and challenging and millions of people do it every year without a problem. Having mixed feelings about a house move is also absolutely natural – first you are excited, then you start apprehending the amount of work that has to be done and with the approaching of the moving day you are already nervous, stressed out and moodier than ever. Most people go through a variety of emotions connected with the impending house move, worrying in vain. In fact it’s easy to ensure an easy and smooth relocation. If you want to have an easy time relocating and a smooth shift from your current home to the new one, here are some of the handy tips you can follow to succeed in doing that.

• Prepare a checklist and add dates and deadlines to it. This checklist should be with you at all times and guide you through the process of moving.
• Take the inventory and do a house clearance – get rid of useless items so you don’t pay for packing and moving clutter.
• Start looking for a London removals company on the Internet or ask friends and relatives to recommend you one.
• Compare movers based on experience, testimonials, fees and insurance. You need to be guaranteed impeccable service.
• Prepare a budget list and decide how much you can spend and on what services.
• Contact moving companies and ask for quotes. Determine the date for the move.
• Gather at least three quotes from reputable movers and ask for a representative to visit you at your house.
• Determine the amount of the shipment and whether you will need packing services. Set a date for the movers to come for packing.
• Hire the man and van or the moving truck for the house move.
• Inquire about insurance options and prepare all documents.
• Notify your landlord or contact utility companies to cancel the services if you own the house.
• Secure a self-storage unit if necessary. Pick a facility that is easily accessible and not too far from the new home.
• Change your address and re-address your mail subscriptions.
• Pack the non-essential belongings first. Make sure you pack a bag of essential items for the first hours or days after the move. These things include personal belongings, toiletries, clothing and footwear.
• Call friends to ask for help with the packing and moving day.
• Label the moving boxes with the room the belongings should go to. This will save you plenty of time and energy after the move when you have to start unpacking.
• Load the boxes that you will need the least first. Use a numbering system on the inventory list to keep track of each packed item.
• Don’t forget to mark the boxes with fragile items with “fragile”.
• Pack medicines, valuables and important documents in a separate bag that you will take in your own vehicle.

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