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Handling an Acton Move - Transporting your Goods Three Different Ways

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When moving home, one of the more pressing matters is how to transport your boxes and boxes of homely goods. A moving van is most likely in the equation somewhere, but who will be driving? A professional mover, a ‘man with van’ driver, or should you do it yourself? Take a look over the pros and cons of each, and you should find the method for you;

DIY – Van Rental

The Good

By choosing to do everything yourself, you have placed total control into your hands, meaning you can decide when to start packing, when to leave and so on. By cutting out the middleman you can rely on yourself, rather than having to worry about other peoples mistakes. It’s also the least expensive method, especially when going over short distances; you don’t have to pay for the extra manpower that comes with a removal service, just the van rental, the fuel and the insurance. It’s even more convenient if you own a van yourself, or know someone close to you who does.

The Bad

Having total control, however, also has its downsides. All of that extra planning and arranging is a lot to put on your shoulders, and could add layers of extra stress onto an already stressful experience. You also have to consider the cost, over a long distance, this method may end up being more expensive than you think – though you can usually get around this with proper planning.

Professional Mover

The Good

By going with a professional removal company, you have the added piece of mind that you’ve got people with training doing most of the legwork. You can rest easy that they’re going to do all they can to give you the customer service you expect (as long as you’ve done your research and found that they’re reputable). It’s convenient too, since you can see to your family, pets or say your goodbyes while they work.

The Bad

All of this convenience doesn’t come cheap, though. A good removal service is the most expensive way to move your things. You’re paying for a lot of staff, who are all paid to do the best they can, so it’s the least you can expect.

Man With Van

The Good

By hiring just a man and his van (and maybe a couple of staff) you can get most of the benefits and convenience of a professional mover, but for a lower outlay. Since they run high capacity vans just like the movers, they can get your possessions from place to place just as well, but more suited to a tighter budget.

The Bad

When I say ‘most of the benefits and convenience’, that’s exactly what I mean. Man with van services are usually just that, so there’s less manpower at your disposal. So if you’re moving a large family’s worth of furniture, chances are a professional mover will be worth the extra cash.


Which one to go for is dependent on your circumstances. If you’re a good driver moving a short distance to a town that’s only connected by roads, then renting a van is easily the winning choice.

If, however, you don’t have a driving licence and you’re moving to somewhere like Acton, which is a complex London district with seven railway stations in close proximity,, then one of the moving services is for you. They’ll know how to navigate such a place well, which leaves you ample opportunity get used to the public transport in the area.

So that’s my advice, consider your circumstances and budget, and make your decision from there. Remember to do your research on your relevant service once you’ve decided, to make sure the one you hire is right for you.

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