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Guide to Renting an Abode with no Money in your Pocket

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The thought alone may seem impossible but in some situations there is no choice but to try and work out some way to get into a place with no cash up front. It is not impossible but it is tricky and with the right “know how” it can be done in a relatively short amount of time. There are many ways this can be done and if somehow you are caught in a pinch and have no other way then this guide will help.

Finding promotions

Many apartment complexes offer monthly promotions to get there apartments occupied, no apartment complex likes to have vacancies in their buildings and they make extra efforts to get all the apartments rented. Due to this it is easy to find promotions that range from the second month free to move in at no cost but it takes some searching, these kinds of promotions usually don’t just fall from the sky and into your hands. Starting with an internet search for “apartment rental promotions” is a good idea to help you track down a place in a hurry. If that isn’t working stop by a few complexes and ask or drive by and look for big banners in front of the complexes. Just remember that there is a reason why complexes cannot fill their vacancies but aside from that, a place can be found this way.

Ask friends

What are friends for? There are many sayings about friends and the one that applies in this situation is the one that goes “friends are there when you need them”. Take advantage of friends if of course you have them. They may just know someone that can get you a place or they may be able to put in a good word with someone that you are a trustworthy person, so give you a little wiggle room. Who knows there may even be a friend with a place and since you are friends he may be able to throw you a bone.

Locate a hostel that provides room and board in exchange for work

This is one of the easiest ways to get a roof over your head in a pinch and there are many hostels that will provide housing in exchange for some labor. If you just lost your job this is a great way to go but as a last resort kind of thing.


Remember those days in debate team while you were in high school now it is time to put them persuasion skills to use and find the rental you want most and negotiate a way to pay in payments at scheduled intervals or dates. Use all that is available to back up the fact that you can be trusted. If you can have a boss or previous employers write a recommendation of your character. If your credit standing is good prove it to the person or agency. Remember, most people are quite understanding, almost everyone has been in a bind and they can relate most of the time so it is not ads hard as it may seem. If you are employed have the boss guarantee to the landlord in writing that you will receive your payment on a specific day.

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