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Four Reasons to Trust SW19 Man with a Van Hire

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Having a man on hand during your SW19 move can be a real asset, even if you are hiring a removal company. Below are the four main advantages that hiring a man in a van will bring to your relocation, and some additional tips on how to find a reliable and trustworthy service.


You will generally find that removal companies will charge you a flat rate per day. This can be a blessing and a curse depending on the nature of your move. If anything goes wrong, or something gets forgotten and you need to get a van back to your old property to pick something up, you will probably have to pay a removal company for another days work if it can’t be crammed into to one of your pre booked days already. A man in a van can be ideal for this kind of problem. They are normally happy to take on a job at any time, regardless of the length of the contract. Also, most man in van operators will charge their rates hourly, so are perfect for last minute emergencies.

Personalised service

No matter how good your removal company is, you’ll often want to keep a close eye on valuables or delicate items, and this is another area where a man in van will be a great asset to your SW19 move. Because they are normally one man band operations, a man and van will offer a slightly more personalised service, which means you can go into detail about how you want valuables handled and transported, which may not be possible with larger removal companies. Also, you can often ride along in the van during the move, so will be able to keep an eye on your valuables too.

Ideal for small moves

Already, the above advantages mean that a man in van is often a much better choice when it comes to smaller or inner city moves. If you are not moving far from the SW19 area, then due to their flexibility, it will often be cheaper, quicker and less hassle for you to hire a man in van SW19 to move your things than hiring a removal company for a full day that you may not need, as the chances are transporting your items a short distance will not take more than a few hours.

An extra pair of hands

In addition to a flexible and personalised service, you have the added benefit of an extra pair of hands to help with any lifting and packing. Again, this is especially useful for smaller or more local moves, but also if you want special care paid to certain items that you don’t want the SW19 removal company to handle. Most men in a van know how to pack and lift heavy items, so can even be useful to have on hand if you are doing the move yourself with a hired vehicle and need some extra help and transport space.

In order to get the best service for your move, try asking around friends or family that are local to the SW19 area, as they may know the best man in van service providers in the area. It’s also a good idea to check online and in the local telephone directory for services. You should always try and get a couple of estimates before choosing, as you can then ensure you get the best value for money. Also, make sure any potential service you hire is registered with the British Association of Removers.

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