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Find a More Affordable Option: Hire Cheap E3 Self Storage

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Moving home comes with a host of fees and costs associated with it. This could be in the form of estate agents’ fees, it could be legal fees, decorating, removal companies, bills and installation fees – the list is close to endless. As such, it might be important to you to try and save some pennies at every opportunity. One way to do this is to try and circumnavigate the need for an E3 removal company by hiring out an E3 storage locker to assist with your move. This will save money and take a lot of the stress out of the moving day, as well as providing a host of other benefits. Some of said benefits are listed below.

- The self storage system is incredibly convenient. We all know the Bow removal companies require you to be rather accommodating in terms of booking well in advance, as well as full sized lorries having limited access, but self storage systems are even more convenient than E3 man and van companies. You can hire a self storage locker on exceedingly short notice, and instead of having the pressure of unloading all of or a large amount of your possessions on a single day, you can load up and remove your items from your locker on the very first day. This can allow you to do the necessary cleaning and decorating without slaloming through piles of boxes and generally take the move at whatever pace you want. All you need is your own car, no need for any interference from outside. Furthermore, you can completely cancel your locker at any time with just a week’s notice (best to check with individual companies), as well as being able to pay on a rolling weekly or monthly contract.

- Storage lockers are incredibly cheap when compared with removal companies. Though you don’t get the benefit of having lots of people to help you carry some of the larger pieces of furniture, getting a friend or family member whenever they are needed can easily remove the need for a removal company along with some good planning.

- Storage solutions Bow are exceedingly safe and offer protection for your belongings. Instead of trying to rush huge amounts of boxes into your house all in one day and risk damage to your possessions because of tiredness, stress or clutter, you can rest assured that your property will be safe and sound in a storage locker. Nowadays there are a huge number of measures taken to make sure that your possessions are as secure as can be possible. Firstly, most storage locker companies will have comprehensive CCTV on the entry to your locker that runs for 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, regular patrols of the surrounding area are a feature of most locker companies. Obviously you will be given a specific key to protect your goods, and the lockers nowadays are often in well lit and open areas, reducing the chance of theft. There is also a long list of banned substances that are not allowed in the lockers, which may prevent toxic or water damage that comes from a nearby locker. If this is not enough, then a comprehensive insurance policy is often included in the basic storage locker contract, so as long as you keep an itinerary and pictures as proof, any damage suffered to your possessions in the process of storing and removing your items that is not directly your fault or wrongdoing can be reclaimed.

All of the above makes for a safe and frugal service that provides a real alternative to hiring removal services.

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