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Cheap House Removals

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While many of us will get really excited about the prospect of changing things up a bit and moving to a new life in a new place, there is a certain amount of dread associated with removals. The fear comes from a number of different factors; there is a lot of work to do and it can be a stressful time, and on top of this, it can be a real drain on expenses, leaving your wallet feeling a whole lot thinner for your efforts. We understand as well, that when you are moving house it is likely that you are spending a lot of cash for the luxury of getting a new place, so money will often be at its tightest, so for a comprehensive guide to cheap house removals, look no further than this very page!

Giving yourself time in order to plan and effectively map out the whole process is your first point for call for making your move an economical one. Knowing exactly what you are up against is the key to knowing how much you have to and in what time, which will be the best way to make sure that you can cut costs along the way. Look in to everything that you have to do and consider how they can be done for free. If you aim for free, then you will likely spend much less than you would if you were just after a “cheap” move! Have a friend look over your plans in order to gain another perspective on the move, and let them suggest things that they can think of to help save money.

Sourcing your packing materials properly will help you save money from the start. Find a source of free boxes, either from the family, or from local shops. Furniture shops will be a good place to start with, as they will often have deliveries of large items, and will need to recycle their boxes. If you offer to take them for free then they will often be glad to collect them for you, if you arrange a regular time to pick them up. Using old newspaper rather than bubble wrap or newly bought tissue will also save you a fair few pounds as well as being much better for the environment.

Using a professional remover is usually the largest drain on your money when moving house, so try and work out whether you really need to pay the whole hog for a company, or if you can manage with just a man and van, or even your own car! Hiring a man and van can be cheaper than renting a van and driving it yourself, if you consider the potential insurance costs, so make sure that you are doing it economically. Enlisting the help of friends is also a great way to avoid paying for an expensive team of removal men to come and help. It can be quite a lot of fun if you do the move with a big group of friends, as you will be less stressed by having to pay so much money, and you can promise your mates a lovely meal at the other end of the move in order to appease their lack of payment! It can be a lovely way to do the move, even if you do have the money!

There are plenty more little hints and tips that you will pick up along the way, but the best way to discover them is to start planning the process yourself, and see how your move affects your savings.

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