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Asking a Person to Leave A Property

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There are frequent occasions in which you happen to share a room with a person who isn’t to your liking. Unless you want to make compromises for him, you have to make him leave and the best way to attempt to do this is by asking him nicely. There is no easy way of a telling someone to leave you, especially if it just the pair of you. If you live however with many other people in a certain property you have to be sure that everybody else also want this person to go. Of course, before asking him to leave make sure you have done everything you can to fix this person’s unwanted behavior. Don’t try to kick him out if you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

Another important thing you have to do is to make sure that nobody from the group will be legally threatened by the man that you want to leave or that you will be legally forbidden to make that person leave. Remember that all of you signed a rent contract and it may prevent you from trying to make this person leave. It is also wise to make sure that this particular person won’t try to sue you. If you have properly handled the process of making him leave your property it will be pointless for him to try to charge you in any way.

Make a meeting where everybody is present and explain to the particular person why you want him or her to leave. Make sure you specifically point out the reasons for your disapproval for him and remember that those reasons need to be very solid and reasonable. You have to do this in order for this person to feel less insulted by this act of yours. Otherwise, if you have the common consent all the other tenants in the property you live in nothing will be able to keep that man in the house or apartment no matter what everybody’s personal reasons are. What you also have to discuss during this gathering is the person’s relocation to another property. In addition, you all have to make sure that the leaving individual has paid his taxes to the landlord. After all this person will be forced to leave his present home-try to help him out in whatever way possible while you still can.

Remember that after the particular person is gone either you will have to share his promised taxes to the landlord from then on or you will have to find someone to replace him in your property. It would be best if you have prepared someone to replace him sometime before you announce to the person that you want him to leave. In addition, all of the person’s possessions should be given back to him and just as a sign of good will you could gather a small amount of money to back him up financially. Remember that the process of asking someone to leave shouldn’t necessarily end in a bad way. After all, you have lived with this man for some time regardless if you found it pleasant or not. Act accordingly.

To sum up, if you do it carefully, in a secure and civilized manner and if you are doing it for the right reasons and with clear consciousness, asking a person to leave the property you live in shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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