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Are House Removals to North London a Difficult Task?

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When you are getting down to the process of moving for the first time, there will be so many questions floating around your head that it may be difficult to focus on anything else! Moving house to anywhere can be difficult, but moving to London can be even more daunting than less urban areas, as paring can be an issue, traffic is often bad, and the flats and houses are often small and more compact in stature, making them difficult to move things around in. That said however, if you are asking ‘are house removals to north London a difficult task?’ then the answer is not necessarily a ‘yes’…

There are so many ways to make moving house a lot easier, but the problems most commonly associated with moving in to a city place are certainly worth looking at more closely.

The first thing that you may give thought to is the new property. Most of the property in London is divided into apartments and flats, so there can be issue with getting things in to your new home. When you are preparing to move, look in to where you are going just as much as what you have to do at your current place. The most common thing to slip a first time mover’s mind is the notion of stairs. Is your new place furnished of unfurnished? Either way it is likely that you will want to bring in larger pieces of furniture in to make you feel immediately like you are at home, and this can be difficult if you do not have a lift and the flat is on the thirteenth floor! Of course, this sort of thing is very unlikely, most places that have more than three floors will have a lift, but even three floors can be a lot to carry a sofa up, and many lifts will not even fit more than a small chest of drawers in. Doing your research as to how the place is laid out will give you a major advantage in the case that there may be problems. It is not just stairs that can be a problem, corners and thin door frames can be a real issue, especially if you are dealing with strangely shaped items, like particularly long sofas, or fully made up beds that cannot be dismantled.

The nest thing to consider that can be slightly less avoidable is the famous London traffic, which can make your move turn from swift upheaval to slow and sluggish ordeal. The best advice is to move on the weekend, when there are less cars on the roads, or if you can manage it, very late at night, when the roads are emptier. The latter may be unlikely, and can cause disruptions to your neighbors if you come clattering in to your new place with a load of furniture at midnight, so is only right for certain situations.

be aware that there will likely be parking restrictions on your new road, so check that sort of thing out before the day of the move, so that you can park easily and without risk of a fine to really ruin your first day in the new place. It may be that you cannot stop for long right outside your new house, so the answer may be to find a quiet side street nearby and to walk things across to the flat from there. At least then you can stop worrying about the traffic warding slapping your van with a fine!

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