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A Local Office Removal

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With every office removal there is a lot to plan, organize and pay for. It is a huge responsibility because it affects not only the owner of the business, but the employees and the business itself. When you are discussing the move with a removals company you are considering, it is essential to be precise about what you want and not leave anything to chance. Moreover, you need to be specific about the work you will do along with your employees. If you are planning to pack the boxes and label them yourself, then state that. In order to get a reasonable quote, you need to determine the things you will be doing during the removal. If you want to only pack specific things from the office, let the movers know that. Trust them with the big furniture so you don’t risk damaging it. Same applies for the computers and other electrical appliances. Packing a computer or two may not be that hard, but packing tens of computer, printers and fax machines is rather harder. Once you get the written quote, continue your search.

Ideally, you should get estimates from at least 5 different places. If you don’t think the estimate is reasonable, try to negotiate it. After all you will most probably pay tips to the movers, so don’t let anyone overcharge you. When it comes to a short and local office move, you could also think of hiring a smaller service: man-and-van services are extremely popular and there are many professionals which are just as good as the big removals companies. If you are moving a small office only a few streets across town, there is no point hiring a huge truck and a big team of movers. Make an inventory list or better, invite the manager of the company to pay you a visit, so they can determine how many movers you need, how fast the move can be performed and the size of the truck or van. After that the packing can begin and it’s entirely up to you how this happens. It’s reasonable to ask your employees to pack their own belongings after work (on Friday for example) and label their box. Ask them to clear out all drawers and gather the important documentation. After that they can go home and rest while the team of movers does the rest of the packing, loading and transportation.

It will take around a weekend or three-four days to set up the new office. Don’t let the work stop even if everything is not sorted out yet. Offices change location every day, but this shouldn’t affect the business. It does have an impact on the productivity of the employees, but this will pass too. Don’t change the usual work routines and try to stay focus on finishing the process faster. If you require an extremely fast move, then you will have to pay more for a bigger team of movers who could work overtime or at night. Weekend moves are usually more expensive, but an office move is worth this investment. The extra costs of the move will come from smaller details, such as having to use an elevator or stairs, which slows down the process considerably and has a bigger risk for the equipment. Make sure there is a parking space big enough for the moving truck or van on the moving day and if you work in a shared office building, inform your colleagues, so the process can go smoother and faster without movers bumping into other workers.

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