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A Guide to the Perfect Moving Away Party

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If you have been living in a house for a while, chances are that you have made some great relationships with your neighbours. If you are moving far away, chances are that you are not going to be able to see family members and friends as often as you had hoped and wished for. Therefore, a moving away party is the best way to bring everyone together one last time and to enjoy your relationships. It is also the perfect occasion during which to officially say goodbye, which we all know is easier said than done.

So what kind of a party should you be throwing? This article hopes to give you a few party ideas to make your day or night with your loved ones absolutely perfect.

If you want a party where everyone from family to work colleagues are invited, a barbeque is the best way to celebrate your last days. It is the perfect balance between formal and informal. With alcohol, plenty of food and good music, everyone is guaranteed to have a good time. If you have financial issues to pull of such a large production, you could charge a small entry fee, by which you could make up some of that spent money. Similarly, your friends, neighbours and family members may wish to chip in financially, in which case, let them!

Making a flyer or sending out invitation cards is the best way to invite someone. On the invites, you can include crucial details such as date, time, admission fee if applicable and you can also add other messages such as ‘bring your own alcohol’ etc.

If big, slap bang productions do not tickle your fancy, a small get together will be more suited to you. By only inviting the nearest and dearest, not only will you be able to chisel away the costs, but you will also get the chance to have a little more one on one time with everyone at the gathering. Playing some soft music in the background will provide the perfect atmosphere for when you all decide to reminisce and share stories over a few glasses of wine.

If your neighbourhood/area has a community hall or a recreation centre, a community gathering can be held. Once again, putting up some flyers and sending invitations will inform others about the party. Is the social club/community centre/recreation centre has a website, you can ask to have your event posted up on it. In halls such as these, adults as well as children can be involved, and can really bring the community together. This may be right up your street if you were very integrated in your community. However, if you did not get involved in community projects etc. then this may not be the party idea for you.

Throwing a party before you move to a new house is an excellent way of spending time with everyone without actually having to dedicate hours to spend with everyone individually. You get a chance to enjoy yourself and eat some great food while you’re at it. Additionally, it gives you the chance to say goodbye to all your loved ones.

A moving away party is dearly appreciated by your nearest and dearest since it shows that you cared enough to involve them in your life. In turn, you will appreciate them, especially when they offer to help you load the truck after having a few alcoholic beverages!

Friendships do not have to be ruined just because you are moving. Remember to keep in touch no matter what!

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