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A Guide to Finding a Commercial Removal Service

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From moving a small office across town, to moving a multi-departmental company across the country, whatever type of business and whatever reasons, you’re going to need a serious commercial removal service to implement such a major feat.

Luckily for you, there are countless commercial movers who are able to assist you with every step of such a transition. Such services are tailored to office and industrial moves, and will offer tailored assistance starting with an initial meeting to discuss arrangements. A commercial removal company will not only transport the goods, but will come into the office to arrange logistics, help you in planning and packing for the move as well as assisting in retaining a fully-functioning work place in your new office.

Now all you have to do is find the service that’s right for you.

Look for a reputable service

Firstly, ensure you’re looking for commercial services which have the experience and availability to operate such a large scale move. Secondly, only consider companies that have the British Association of Movers badge, and/or look for a National Guild of Removers and Storage accredited company. Such recommendations come with a nationally recognised code of conduct, guidelines and level of reputation which is invaluable when moving a business.
Much like purchasing any service be sure to check recommendations and customer testimonials, search for business listings and read what previous customers have to say. A good commercial removal company will get the process rolling with a visit to the office; such services are adept at handling commercial moves, so most of the logistics will be down to them.

Plan the move well

Keep both the removal company and your own colleagues up to speed on dates and times. Try to keep the office as organised as possible before, during and after the move, that way you lose as little productivity in the work place as possible. The best thing about using commercial removers is that they will have staff trained to take measurements, make notes and to plan getting stock up and down stairs and lifts, as well as having industrial equipment to move awkward or multiple items, leaving management free to carry on running the business.

Similarly, after the move, many commercial movers offer services to assist in getting the company up and running again in its new home, meaning minimal loss of time and money. Ensure all staff are aware of office closing, moving and opening dates, and try not to change these times unless its unavoidable, simply to help stop confusion with staff.

Do your bit

Finally, although you may have to do very little in the move, it always helps to do the little things as and when you can. Ensure colleagues take home personal items a few days before the move, leaving plenty of time for lost property to be rehomed and work spaces to be cleaned and tidied. Organise and pack stationery drawers and cupboards, kitchen areas and cabinets. Not only is this an opportunity to get clean and tidy in time for the move, it’s the perfect chance to downsize and sort out those bits and pieces, rather than unnecessarily moving them to the new office.

Using a commercial removal firm will mean the move will run as smoothly as possibly, leaving all members of staff free to enjoy the excitement of moving and settling into the new work place. You can worry about much more pressing matters, such as decorating, who will sit where and whether to have an office party.

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