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6 Essentials To Remember When Looking For Elephant And Castle Removal Services

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Hiring an Elephant and Castle removal company or man and van service is an important step to take towards making your home removal a successful and smooth procedure. As well as the physical stress of trying to move your belongings all day long being taking off of your shoulders (and back and legs), the security and friendly atmosphere these companies can provide will ease the burden of moving day greatly. However, just because you have decided to hire one, doesn’t mean that the job is over! Below are a number of tips you should remember when choosing a removal service for your Elephant and Castle home move.

1. Use the internet to try and compare quotes quickly and easily. There are many price comparison websites for removal companies like there are for mortgages or car insurance. These allow you to quickly and easily compare the prices of a number of local removal companies provided you give some basic information on your home such as number of bedrooms and moving date. Whilst this may not be the most accurate quote, it can give you a ball park figure to estimate your SE1 removals budget around and it will provide a number of removal companies for you to pursue further.

2. As well as online quotes, it is important to remember that most removal companies will offer a free face to face quote on your removal. This is likely to be much more accurate than an online quote as a removal man can inspect your house, access and living situation much more keenly than a questionnaire over the internet. It also establishes a personal and friendly relationship with the person who is handling your possessions, which is no bad thing!

3. Whilst looking for SE1 removal services, it is vital you read the small print of the contract you are looking to agree to. This is because many companies will offer a varying insurance policy. This means that it is imperative you read the details of this policy, as often the cheaper removal companies will not offer as comprehensive an insurance policy as their more expensive competitors. Though this is an expensive time, you should spare no expense when it comes to protecting your goods, as this is a great way to ruin a move!

4. You should check if packing services are also available alongside the removal service. This can help you by either supplying professional and reliable packing equipment for your furniture and possessions, and could well provide hands on assistance for some of the more complicated pieces of your home you wish to take with you.

5. It is important that you give your removal company as much information as possible. This is achievable through using the face to face quote option, but also anything you think of, no matter how mundane, can only help your removal company prepare better for their days work. You are helping them help you. This could include issues surrounding traffic or access, but also particularly large or awkward pieces of furniture that you may have to consider. A heads up about young children being involved in the move would also be appreciated.

6. Finally, you must remember that not everything has to be done on the moving day itself. If you have large quantities of possessions that will be more than enough to fill out a lorry and require multiple vehicles or journeys, you may want to consider a self storage locker. This will put your items in a safe, secure and convenient environment and will allow you to unpack your possessions at your own speed.

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