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5 tips for a quicker and more effective move out preparation

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The move out is probably one of the most strenuous events in life. Of course everything looks quite amusing at first. You start gathering your stuff and suddenly some forgotten pieces from your past reappear – an old postcard or a souvenir from your last holiday. It’s quite fun, but as the date of the move out approaches you realize that having gotten lost in memories, you have very little time. So at this moment you may find my advice quite useful, and most importantly, very easy to follow.

First of all, it’s very important not to panic. Calm down, gather your thoughts and make some kind of a plan of what you should do in the following days. So, when you start packing, you won’t waste time planning the next step, but you will simply follow your schedule. In this way there’s no danger that you may leave something behind. This plan may be something like: Today – packing tableware, all fragile things, books, clothes, etc. Tomorrow – packing kitchen appliances, all electronic devices, etc. I should, of course, point out that this is just a rough plan and if you finish today’s packing earlier, you may continue with tomorrow’s. It’s easier and faster to follow a plan than to act and pack aimlessly.

Another important bit of advice is to remove all the useless stuff – old clothes and shoes, broken appliances, and all things you no longer need – while you are packing. You may be tempted just to toss them in the moving box, but don’t do it. It may save some time now but you will have to throw them away sooner or later. Yet, if you do it now, it  will save time later when you are unpacking. It will also save space now when you load up the truck.

Then, gather all the small objects – books, clothes, etc. It would be best to arrange them in separate boxes according to their special features – fragile things, books, perfumes, clothes, etc.  Despite the lack of time do not start packing at random for you may damage or lose something in the carrying. You should be very careful how you load up the truck, too. Be sure not to put the “fragile” box at the bottom, for it may be quite upsetting to see your favorite Chinese porcelain spread in tens of pieces on the floor of the truck.

And when all the small things are gone, it is much easier to pack the big ones – like furniture, appliances, etc. Here there’s not much to brake, yet make sure they are packed properly. Because these objects may not be breakable but they are definitely scratchable. The varnish of the wooden furniture may be easily damaged if you are not careful. Just imagine a long deep scratch on your new coffee table and you will see my point.

Last but not least, the most important part of the packing – the final check. For an absent-minded person like me this is an essential part, for there is always something left behind. So, when everything is packed and waiting to be loaded up, go back and make a last round in the house. Check the closet and all the cabinets and drawers – you never know what you may have left behind.

These may look like very simple and even needless steps, but once you are caught up in the chaos of moving out you will see how important they are. So don’t get overwhelmed by the panic and follow these simple steps. And don’t forget that after all, moving out should be fun.

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