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5 Basic Tips For A Successful Flat Hunting For Students

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Being at university allows individuals to be independent and self-sufficient. An area which further develops these traits is the search for a flat to rent while doing your studies. This can be a stressful experience, especially if you have budget and location restraints. For students who have no experience with the process it might seem overwhelming and at times even impossible, thus it is important to keep in mind the following basic tips for how to best go about searching for a flat in order to minimize any potential problems and stress.

 Have a plan

It is important to be aware in advance of exactly what you and your future flat mates are looking for. You should discuss your budget as well as preferred location in order to more easily go through the abundance of advertised flats. This will save you time, as well as energy, and will also minimize any potential conflicts that might arise as a result of lack of communication. If you are international students it might also be important to find a local guarantor ahead of time in order to be able to quickly respond to requests by your future landlord or agency.

 Be realistic

It is easy to get engulfed in hopes for really low prices and large bedrooms, but it is important to stay realistic about your options. It is worth taking a look at the average rent rates per neighborhoods for different-sized flats, which are available on many of the online letting websites. This will give you some perspective. You should by no means give up on your dream flat, but should keep your options open. Starting your flat hunt early will give you more choices and will further familiarize you with the process.

 Prepare for the viewing

Viewings are perhaps the most useful part of looking for a flat as they let you get the feel of the apartment and provide you with the opportunity to see any of its potential limitations. Thus it is extremely vital to come prepared to a flat viewing. Go to the viewing with an image of what you are looking for, as well as with a set of questions you are interested in. it is worth asking about the bills, as well as the heating, amount of noise coming from the street, and how much light comes from the windows.

 Think ahead

When going to flat viewings you are likely to stumble upon a lot of messy and cluttered apartments. It is important to try and disregard that as it might keep you from getting a really good flat just because it looks horrible now. After each tenant leaves landlords usually hire professionals to thoroughly clean the flat, so that the new tenants can have a fresh start.

It is also perhaps vital to think ahead in terms of which floor the apartment is on. Flats on the first floor can become victim to random strangers knocking on the door in the middle of the night. Also as the windows are low privacy might be challenged. Top floor flats on the other hand can be colder than other flats and also pose the problem of potential leaks. These are just some things to take into consideration when choosing between several flats.

 Be careful

As there are a lot of online letting pages it is important to be careful when contacting individuals claiming to be renting a flat. Do not give money or your personal details to anyone before having seen the flat.

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